Woman Held Back Sobs As She Reached Out To Pup Caked In Mud & Waste

Woman Held Back Sobs As She Reached Out To Pup Caked In Mud & Waste

DAR Animal Rescue learned of a little puppy cowering beneath a bench by itself. People had seen her and asked for aid by posting her images on Facebook.

Surprisingly, no one stopped to take her up and assist her. She was so tiny and smeared with mud. It was astonishing that she had been abandoned in such a state.

DAR dispatched one of their rescuers to the puppy’s aid. She couldn’t understand why the child had been abandoned. She was stunned when she arrived and saw the helpless little kid wailing. This puppy’s health was in serious jeopardy. She wouldn’t have been able to stay alive for long.

She was covered in a blanket and loaded into the car by the savior. It was past time to take her to the veterinarian. The vet removed ticks that had eaten her blood once she was on the examination table. There were a large number of them. Her eyes were affected as well. Poor baby!

She was also too feeble to stand up on her own, according to the vet. It was a battle. She was anemic due to parasite blood loss, in addition to being underweight.

Finally, the little pup is given food and water. She is thrilled! When was the last time she ate? No one knows for sure.

The infant is in bad shape, but doctors are working around the clock to do everything they can to help her recover. No one can foretell the future, but now that she’s protected and cared for, her prospects appear to be considerably brighter than they were previously.

Please keep this tiny girl in your thoughts and prayers. She is deserving of a chance. Also, please remember to do whatever you can to help local rescues and shelters! We can make a significant difference if we work together!


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