Horses Have a Heart-Melting Reunion After Being Best Friends Since They Were Babies

Best Friends When They Were Babies, Horses Have Heart-Melting Reunion

Do horses have feelings and remember each other? When Sue Blagburn reintroduced Arthur, a horse, to two of his playmates from when he was a foal, she had this question.

Sue repurchased Arthur in December 2012, after having bred and sold him years before. Arthur was raised alongside the other two horses. He first met William when they were both foals, then Harry arrived a year later as a foal.

“Would Arthur, now eight and a half years old and a thoroughbred sports horse who has spent the last four and a half years in a high-end private competition yard, remember the two hairy New Forest pony playmates with whom he had shared his youth?” Sue penned an essay. “Would William and Harry also know the tiny thoroughbred who used to be their best friend?”

Sue planned their reunion in an English field where William and Harry had just spent two weeks, so the old pals would be in unfamiliar settings. Bruce Selkirk, a filmmaker, was invited to film the reunion.

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