Therapy horses have received specialized training to soothe and comfort their clients while simultaneously making them happy. This therapy horse is a Clydesdale, despite the fact that most therapy horses are miniatures.

Source: Youtube/Screenshot

One such horse that often visits surrounding assisted living institutions and is well-liked by the residents is Neigh-Neigh, a 13-year-old Clydesdale.

Source: Youtube/Screenshot

Neigh-Neigh, the Clydesdale ambassador of love, is now much than simply a therapy animal; she is a symbol of happiness and hope. Her kind presence effortlessly breaks down boundaries and fortifies relationships across generations. Neigh-Neigh leaves a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity, whether it is for participants in Chamberlin’s programs, patients in hospitals, or the elderly in nursing homes.

Source: Youtube/Screenshot

Through her visits, she demonstrates to us the boundless potential of love and the profound impact a gentle giant can have on a person’s heart. The story of Neigh-Neigh reminds us that the best hearts don’t always come in the most ornate packages.


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