Gentle Massive Horse Teaches A Struggling Elderly Horse To Overcome Difficulties.

At the Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, a heartwarming friendship blossomed between a gentle giant named Phantom and a neglected, elderly horse called Teton. This tale of companionship and healing demonstrates how the power of friendship can change lives for the better. Phantom is a 7-year- old draft horse who stands an impressive 7 feet tall at his withers, and around 8 feet tall when his head is considered. Weighing approximately 2,000 Ibs,
one might expect this massive horse to be
intimidating. However, Phantom is quite the
opposite. His carers at the rescue fondly refer to
him as a “puppy” and compare him to a Great Dane due to his affectionate, friendly, and playful nature.

The Dodo/Youtube

Phantom’s heart of gold leads him to help more
vulnerable horses, just like Teton, a newcomer to the rescue. Teton, a horse in his early 30s, arrived at the rescue in a critical condition. His hooves were full of holes and deformed, making it difficult for him to walk long distances. Teton was also shy and hesitant to approach other horses. However, Phantom recognized the potential for friendship in Teton and encouraged him to venture out and walk
a little further. As their bond grew, the trainers and volunteers at the rescue began taking them to the creek together.

The Dodo/Youtube

Since Phantom enjoyed being in the water, their caretakers thought Teton might enjoy it too. Teton saw Phantom walk into the water, and he immediately followed him. Soon, Teton joined Phantom in splashing water all around.

The heartwarming friendship between Phantom and Teton exemplifies the healing power of companionship. Phantom’s kindness and gentle demeanor have not only helped Teton recover physically but also given him the confidence to embrace his new life at the rescue. The bond between these two horses serves as a beautiful reminder of the positive impact that friendship can have on the lives of animals and humans alike.



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