Touching Moment When Labrador Hugs His Owner After Surgery And Won’t Let Go.

Pets become part of our life and even the thought of losing them one day makes us feel sad and heartbroken. When this man found out that his dog needed to have surgery, it was as if his entire life had come crashing down around him. He was quite frightened, and he couldn’t help but worry if things were going to work out the way he had hoped they would. The veterinarian had to operate as quickly as they could to remove the mass from the dog’s neck.

RM Videos/YouTube

The owner did not leave the operating room for even a second while the procedure was being performed. He was hoping that the surgeons would have some positive news for him. After everything was over and the operation was a success, his dog, who was now covered in stitches, hugged his owner and did not want to let go after the procedure was through. The two remained cuddled for a considerable amount of time, and it was the most heartwarming scene that we have ever seen between a dog and its owner.

RM Videos/YouTube



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