The Pair Is Protected By Brave Ponies From A Wild Boar.

It is nothing surprising to see a horse and a dog spending a lot of time together in the barn because it is one of the most common combinations of pet animals that you can find; however, it is absolutely shocking to think that there are horses out there who live together with seals and have no idea about human existence.

Not only with seals, but with a variety of other species that you would never think about. After all, seeing such friendships and how, no matter how different two animals are from each other, they can still discover a common language and enjoy a really nice time together is a very beautiful side of the animal world.

Not only that, but spending this much time together has a significant impact on their behavior; one may wind up doing the same hobbies or eating the same foods as the other. The inverse can also occur. Two animals will never get along, which is to be expected given the presence of a wild boar and two ponies. At the beginning of the movie, you can see two ponies in the field chasing after the wild boar.

The wild boar initially approached a French couple, and then the ponies began rushing after him. Let’s take a closer look at what transpired. The video shows a distressed boar trying to get to the other side of the fence! The fact that the pig was heading in the direction of the camera, despite its desire to flee, frightens the pair.

The man appears to recognize that something dangerous is approaching them, and when they move and the camera shakes, we can hear the sound of approaching hooves. The ponies arrived to ‘assist,’ but it appears that they are more interested in the new animal that has arrived near their house than in saving the French couple from the wild boar. It’s unclear whether they tried to kick him out or whether they just wanted to play with him.



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