Dog Who Was About to Be Adopted Refused to Leave Her Best Friend Behind

Dog Who Was About to Be Adopted Refused to Leave Her Best Friend Behind

Lucy and Sully are the most devoted of friends. They met at a shelter and quickly became friends, even sharing a foster home. When a woman was wanting to adopt Lucy, it was made obvious that they were a package deal, so she took both of them!

Their backstories are largely unknown. Redhead Lucy was a couple years old when she came to the shelter, and Sully was barely a puppy when he arrived. They got along swimmingly, and Lucy adored Sully as if he were her own son.

Alaina Brinton said goodbye to her senior dog seven years ago, and a few months later, she was ready to open her heart to someone new. Lucy piqued her interest, so she called the shelter to arrange a meeting.

“I really had to meet Lucy after seeing a picture of her at my local humane society,” Brinton told The Dodo. “When I contacted, they stated she’d been fostered with another dog and that they’d like me to meet her companion as well.” It didn’t seem like there was any danger in viewing both.”

She hadn’t intended to acquire two dogs, but she recognized how close Lucy and Sully were and knew they’d be heartbroken if they were separated. This wasn’t a problem because Sully charmed Brinton as well after meeting him.

“I was instantly smitten. Besides, it was clear that Sully looked to Lucy to show him what was and wasn’t acceptable, and I wouldn’t have had the heart to separate them.”

Both dogs were apprehensive in their new home and relied heavily on one another to get through the frightening transition.

“They thrived off of each other’s growing comfort in the same way they fed off of each other’s enthusiasm,” Brinton explained. “They bonded quickly and worked together to figure out the new schedule. It was ideal, and I believe it made the adjustment lot simpler for both of them because of the other’s presence.”
They’ve been adopted for seven years, and their bond is still going strong. These two do everything together in their Kentucky home, whether it’s playing, lounging, or snoozing.

“They’ll always be friends.” Lucy will give Sully a few of licks on the forehead while they’re settling in together, and he just looks so happy.”
When they go to the dog park and Sully wants to run around, they aren’t attached at the tail. Even yet, they don’t stay away for more than a few minutes at a time.

“Sully will come back and check on Lucy every couple of minutes or so while he’s walking around the dog park,” Brinton added. “He greets her, walks with her for a short while, and then he’s gone.” “It doesn’t appear to bother her.”
Lucy recently escaped and was missing. Fortunately, she wasn’t gone for long, and, to her surprise, she found the refuge on her own! Stranger still was the fact that Sully had not accompanied her! So they don’t seem to do everything at the same time.

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