A Home Is Found For A Dejected Dog Who Has Been In A Christmas Sweater For Two Months.

Dejected Dog Who’s Been In A Christmas Sweater For Two Months Finally Gets A Home

Last year, a loving dog named Bobby surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Services, winning the hearts of shelter officials and volunteers. However, after two months of waiting, Bobby was placed on the “code red” list. Things were looking bleak for the little Pit Bull mix until a photo of him wearing a green sweater and looking dejectedly downward went popular on social media.

Urgent Dogs of Miami shared the photo in an attempt to save him. “Volunteers believed that if he wore this adorable sweater, someone would notice him and save his life. […] “He is distraught, and he broke our hearts as well,” the animal advocacy organization wrote.

The caption on the photo stated, “Please don’t allow this boy die here.” “He is deserving of a second opportunity in a caring family with wonderful people.” We will cover his adoption fees and place him in a loving home.”

Bobby’s photo broke everyone’s hearts and inspired a lot of animal lovers to take action. People raced into the shelter in an attempt to save him. Robert Miller, a local rescue worker, was one of these people. When he arrived at the shelter, he was welcomed with the joyful news that Bobby had found yet another adoptive home!

Photo credit: Robert Miller

Paola Mariaca is Bobby’s new mother. She was a regular volunteer at the shelter and was already aware of Bobby’s condition, so she decided to take more personal action to assist him.
She stated on Facebook, “I took on the obligation [sic] to adopt him because, despite sharing and networking him, he was still at MDAS shutting down.” “Then he went viral, attracting both good and terrible individuals.” He deserves only wonderful things from now on after waiting so long.”

Paola has already taken Bobby to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with mange and an ear infection. She assures him that he will be secure and happy at her house with her other rescue animals!

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