Vets Made Tiny Casts For A Bird With Deformed Feet

I think this is a story we could all use right about now. It only takes a few minutes to read but it will make your day.

A tiny Mockingbird that doesn’t even have a name recently ended up with the California Wildlife Center. They rescued him and took him in after they saw his feet were deformed.

The young bird’s feet were knuckled, meaning they folded in on themselves, making it difficult for him to walk or even perch comfortably.

The little Mockingbird would have most likely died if the rescue squad hadn’t intervened.

In addition, the bird was most likely continually afflicted with severe sores. Thankfully, all it took was one inventive decision to find a solution.

A group of veterinarians got to work on making a pair of shoes for the tiny bird. The shoes were made of cardboard.

The shoes were created to assist in realigning the small bird’s feet and getting them back into form. His feet were mended in less than a week. He was subsequently allowed to resume his daily routine.

They took off the bird’s improvised shoes and released it into the wild. I suppose we could all use a little assistance now and then.

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