A mother hen turns herself into an umbrella to protect her babies from the heavy rain.

This heartwarming story happened in India and it will melt your heart with love. It was a mother hen showing her maternal love towards her babies.
There is a brood of little chicks are snuggling around their mother hen in the video. During the rain, the feathery mommy spreads her wings over them. The wings are functioning as a living umbrella for the chicks. So, the little ones can hide under the umbrella until the rain stops. It keeps them warm.

Like many other parents, she was unconcerned about her feathers being drenched by rainfall. What she was worried about is, keeping her little chicks warm, dry and comfortable. How pretty is that.

The videographer captured this at a local fish market while there was heavy rain. You can see mother’s love everywhere. Even while a heavy rain.


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