Brave Teen Rides Horse Through Snowstorm To Help Truck Driver.

It happens very frequently, especially during the season that we are now as winter makes transportation really difficult because not only does the snow prevents the automobile from moving but the inner functions of the cars are also affected by the cold temperatures so they need to be warmed up properly before the start of any activity with them.

Source: CBC News/YouTube

That’s why during very cold days of thick snow is highly recommended to stop with the transportation unless it is something very necessary that needs to be done no matter the weather conditions. Unfortunately, riders like the comfort that cars offer and tend to ignore these recommendations which are really important but then they do regret it at the moment that they stuck in the middle of nowhere with the thick snow continuously growing.

Source: CBC News/YouTube

In the video below, this teen had to walk a long way to reach a truck driver stuck in the snow. When a nasty snowstorm struck her hometown in Manitoba, Canada, 18-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears tuned into local traffic cameras set up along the slick, icy highways. The roads were mostly cleared of drivers — until Eileen noticed a semi-truck, and – the driver inside, stranded on the interstate about 3 miles away from her house.

Eileen couldn’t help but feel for the trapped stranger and wanted to do the right thing, so she made a promise to herself: If the driver was still stuck there in the morning, she’d venture out to find him and help. The concerned teenager saw the driver was still there in the morning.

And so, making good on her kindhearted promise, Eileen and her faithful horse, Mr. Smudge, made the 3-mile trek in the middle of the storm just to find the stranded trucker. Even that she did it once, she made another promise to herself that if the man needed help again she would do another 6- mile ride for him. I just have to say that people like her are needed in our world.


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