Like father like son. That’s how the saying goes. We live in a country where children still want to be like their parents.

During our lives, especially when we are at a very young age, we all have role models. Role models can be a lot of people that we watch on TV, our teachers, and professors throughout our education or our family members. We grow up having them as models, especially if our passions are very similar to the passions of these people that I just mentioned.

Then, it is up to work through hard work and of course, talent to become like these people, if not better when we grow up. Then, we might become an example for other people in our lives. From all those people that I mentioned, most of the time we look up at our parents because they are almost every day with us to guide us in life. It is unskippable to not look up to them if we are around them every single day.

It is the same with animals as well, they do relate to their parents as well and we clearly have the example to demonstrate that. Like father like son. That’s how the saying goes. Our parents may not be perfect, like any other parent out there, but we still love them the way they are and vice versa. A passion or talent may be inherited by our parents.

For example, there are a lot of singers within one family because it can be an inherited thing or any other talents or skills that you might think of. Of course, you can develop a lot of others or might have different ones, however, it is worth mentioning that inheriting plays a great role.

This foal in the video decides to join his dad and then a very wonderful thing happens and I am clearly not going to spoil it to anyone, I will let you watch it by yourself. I am pretty sure that you will all be surprised by it, the same as I was.

I am not the only one who wants to be like his dad. The foal in the following commercial wants is to be like his father, too. He sees the wagon and he knows he’ll be able to pull it, and sure enough, he is!


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