A Enterprising woman travels by train in New York City with her 52-pound Samoyed dog in a bag

When it comes to our furry friends, we’ll go to great lengths to keep them close by.

Many people online and on the New York City metro were interested in the unexpected sight. Small and medium-sized dogs are frequently transported on public transportation by their owners in bags, but it’s uncommon to see such a large, hefty dog doing the same.

Jackie Hornung, an ingenious woman, circumvents the NYC subway laws by wearing her 52-pound white Samoyed dog in a backpack.

“An animal must be contained if it is to be brought onto a conveyance or into a facility.” – MTA.

Many people who use the metro have come up with original solutions. Nobody chose to haul around a 52-pound dog with a big backpack! Cool concept.

She claims that her dog enjoys being carried in this manner, and she frequently attracts the attention of other travelers.


Samoyeds are known for their playful and adventures natures.

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