Dog Jumps Over Shelter Wall To Be With Puppy Pal

A cement wall at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) was just not high enough for a pair of inseparable pals.

A video from inside MACC shows a brown dog, named Brenda, hopping over the wall to spend time with another one of the shelter’s dog, named Linda.

To determine what occurred, staff decided to watch the security tape. Brenda, the dog that lives next door to Linda, climbed the wall to be with her. Brenda was so desperate to be with her canine love that she wouldn’t let anything, not even a wall, stand in her way !

The crew decided to keep them in a separate kennel after seeing the video and observing how devoted the dogs were. Brenda and Linda are now regarded as a bonded couple, and the personnel at the shelter will work to find them a place to live together. This tale demonstrates that love has no bounds !

In shelters, many puppies are looking for their future homes.

Watch the video below:

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