Introducing Frederik the Great, dubbed “the world’s most attractive horse.”

Horses are revered for their beauty and power throughout history. But this utterly magnificent horse will unquestionably stop you in your tracks. He goes by the name of Frederik the Great, and he is winning over hearts everywhere. A thoroughbred Friesian stallion, he was imported to the United States in 2016. He was born in the Netherlands. He now resides on Pinnacle Friesians, a farm in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Credit: Facebook/Frederik the Great

Federik, also known as the “Storybook Stallion,” was named after the Prussian king of the Middle Ages. The unofficial moniker “world’s most attractive horse” was also given to him. And for good reason. Just take a look at his flowing and muscular build. This horse truly resembles a fairytale character. It is a member of a very rare breed of horses that had its origins in the Netherlands during the Middle Ages. Due to their size and agility, Friesians are well-known. Due to their strength, they were first utilized as horses.

The threat of a dramatic extinction for the Friesian people in the 1950s. They are now only visible at equestrian events. However, when he isn’t participating in these kinds of events, Frederik tries to manage his modeling career. And he’s doing fantastic, I assure you. Stacy Nazario, his fortunate owner, claims that appearances, photo shoots, and social media advertisements are all part of his full-time job. It’s not surprising that Hollywood has contacted him given his beauty and international acclaim. But despite all of that, it appears that the famous horse has already declined two movie roles.

To really get the full effect of Frederik’s majesty, you have to see him in action!

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