Until this very moment, a rescued mother cow cried all night for her baby.

Karma The cow was saved from a harsh situation in which she had no food, water, or shelter, as well as a great deal of stress. She was taken to The Gentle Barn’s refuge, but she sobbed the entire first night. They initially assumed she was anxious about being in a new environment or that she had missed the other animals. She, on the other hand, did not stop crying.

Her rescuers had no idea what was wrong with her until milk began to trickle from her udders. She’d just given birth to a child! Her rescuers were not about to let that happen, so they proceeded to fetch her baby from the same location where they had saved Karma.

Finally, Karma’s baby was rescued by the rescue crew. When Karma spotted the trailer approaching, she started mooing nervously. Mother and son were reunited soon after. The calf appeared relieved and fatigued, and when he meets his mother, he collapses. However, he soon begins to sip his mother’s milk. They’re never going to be apart again!

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