Two sick and starving puppies are discovered on a golf course.

Good Samaritans in Florida came upon two sick and hungry puppies after they strayed into a golf course.

After being made aware of the puppies’ suffering by Ted Donahue and Dee Dee Roberts, Vero Beach animal control officer Bruce Dangerfield came to their aid. He hurried the female bulldog puppies, who were 5 months old, to the Humane Society for immediate medical attention.

In addition to hungry, the two pups’ bodies are covered in mange.

They received a medicinal wash as soon as they got to the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County (HSVBIRC), where they started receiving care to help them survive.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the shelter said on Facebook that the two, who were given the names Laverne and Shirley, “seem to be steadily healing but it will take several months for them to fully recover.”

The Humane Society and the City of Vero Beach Police Department sought the public’s help with locating the awful people responsible for starving and neglecting them.

The Humane Society’s Executive Director Chalmers Morse said, “As animal activists, The Humane Society and Vero Beach Police Department will do everything possible to achieve justice for these creatures.

What these two puppies have experienced is horrific. Thank God they were found and were in wonderful care!
Update: The Humane Society gave us an update on Laverne and Shirley a year after their rescue!

It turns out that one of the Good Samaritans who found the two abandoned pups – Ted Donahue – adopted the pair.

According to the shelter, “The Donahue family opted to adopt the two girls because they were so in love with Laverne and Shirley.” Here they are with Ted’s son TJ, now going by the names Gilly and Daisy, as he describes how they have been settling into life with the Donahues.

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