Kitten Abandoned In The Middle Of Road, Gets Rescued And Grows Into A Wild Child

Kitten Abandoned In The Middle Of Road, Gets Rescued And Grows Into A Wild Child

I’ve long wondered if the rumor that cats have nine lives is accurate. In ways we can’t explain, it appears like fate is often on their side. For one tiny kitten, I’m talking 3.4oz tiny, she ended up in the middle of the road with no sign of her mother. Xena, on the other hand, was not only a little fighter despite her diminutive stature, but she also had a hero who assisted in her rescue.

Hunter, a small child, was with his grandfather when they came across what they assumed was a rock in the middle of the road near their home. But then they realized it wasn’t a rock at all, but a little kitten in dire need of assistance. Hunter acted quickly to save the life of this kitten, who was so small that her umbilical chord was still attached to her body. Hunter made careful to feed her every two hours to keep her alive until his friend’s mother, Autumn, could arrive and take her in. Hunter is not only a savior for animals, but also a lad with a golden heart!

Autumn knew the prospects of this lovely little life surviving were limited at 3.4oz, which is little than a D battery to put things in perspective. But that didn’t stop her from providing this cat with all she required to live. And she did survive! Continue reading to hear everything about Xena, a warrior princess kitten that has thrived and is now showing off her fiery side!

  1. How did you first meet Xena?
    Hunter, a nice little child, witnessed something small going down the road below his grandparents’ house on August 31st. His grandfather went him and his brother to investigate, and they discovered a teeny small kitten dragging herself down the heated pavement. Her umbilical chord was still attached, her eyes were closed, and she was approximately the length of my finger! Her brows were singed on one side and she had a few scratches. We suspect her mother placed her under a car, which then drove away with her inside, causing her to fall out onto the road).

The family had little expertise with kittens, but they jumped right in and did an amazing job caring for her, getting up every two hours to feed and care for her. I drove two hours to Fairdale, West Virginia, and picked her up the next day. She was only 3.4 ounces! On my way back, I contacted Dream Away Cat Rescue and set up a meeting with Tiffany Mason (their neonate extraordinaire). She provided me with supplies as well as a crash course in neonatal care. I was frightened. I was well aware that the chances for an orphan so young were slim. That first night, I don’t think I slept a wink. But, eventually, we settled into a schedule in which I slept in between her feedings.

  1. How would you describe her personality?
    SPICY! She was full of tenacity. She’s been tenacious and determined since the day she was discovered. That, I feel, was the key to her survival. She’s nine weeks old, weighs two pounds, and terrorizes the house with her razor-sharp claws and fierce demeanor. She bites and hisses before purring loudly like a big female. She’ll probably always be a handful.

3. Do you have any fun nicknames for her?

She was a tiny little bean at first. But I always told her she was my Spicy Bean. She is actually named Xena (Warrior Princess). But we often call her Spicy Bean.

  1. Does Xena have any feline or canine roommates?
    Frosty (the lady of the house), Manny, and Erby are her new feline housemates. Erby is a former feral tomcat who was only caught in January. When it came to bringing the tiny bean home, he was my biggest concern. I was frightened that he might mistake her for prey and attack her. Instead, I’m generally the one who has to stop Xena from nursing from him… and he allows her!
  1. Is there anything unique about Xena that you’d like people to know?
    Xena has been SPOILED and is adored! For the first five weeks of her life, she was never alone. So she discovered that this is Xena’s realm, and we’re all simply passing through. She accompanied me everywhere. She wore her infant in a sling for work, errands, and even grocery shopping. She also has a Facebook profile where her friends may track her journey.

You can’t get enough of this spicy tamale? Neither do I! Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her activities and see her grow into a gorgeous cat. I’d want to express my gratitude to Hunter for being a feline hero, as well as Autumn Price for allowing me to share her story and priceless photographs with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Sweet Xena, you are one lovely warrior princess and miss thang!

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