Stray Mama Cat Brings Her Injured Kitten To Couple To Ask For Help

Stray Mama Cat Brings Her Injured Kitten To Couple To Ask For Help

Many urban areas have a huge number of stray cats who share the same habitat as humans, yet most of them have minimal interaction with us. Thankfully, there are many caring persons who are prepared to go above and beyond to assist them in getting through their difficult times, even if it means giving them a better life.

Jamie and her boyfriend supported a neighborhood wild cat by putting food out for her, but she came to them with something far more important one day. She’d brought them her kitten, and Jamie could tell there was something wrong with him right once. The kitty’s hip appears to be broken upon closer inspection.

Jamie was a safe bet for this mama cat, so she left the injured kitten with her. Milo was given the moniker when he was taken to the vet and discovered to have a broken fibula and tibia. This was quickly fixed with a cast, and Milo hasn’t left his adoptive parents’ side since. He is content to be inside, surrounded by people who love and care for him.

His mother still visits regularly to be fed and Jamie hopes one day that she may have the courage to join little Milo inside.

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