Tiny Dachshund Picks A “Pet” On His Own,Takes Him Out For A Walk.

Little Schnitzel the Dachshund takes his best friend Chief the Connemara for a walk. Look at how cute Schnitzel is as he leads the big horse around. As the pair go on their gentle walk, they make everyone at the stables smile!

Rumble Viral/YouTube

Chief also can’t get enough of his little pal, as he compliantly pursues Schnitzel and appreciates each second of the organization of the adoring dog. Schnitzel is considerate to the point that he even stops and looks behind to check whether Chief is experiencing any difficulty tailing him. Notwithstanding their minor size, Dachshunds love being minding and capable.

Schnitzel and Chief’s adorable stroll will leave you with the biggest smile!


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