Miracle Birth Of Rare Twin Foals Surprised The Vets.

The birth of twin foals is an extremely rare event.

We have said it many times that we are extremely happy when we find out that twin horses are born healthy because twins are rare, especially in horses, because even if a mare gets pregnant with twins, the possibilities for them to stay alive are quite low.

According to a study, less than 1% of twin births go well. In the video shown below, you will be presented to the most adorable twins in the world. They are named Mocha and Cappuccino and are simply a miracle in the horse world. We have been witness to other twins who were born perfectly healthy and have lived a long life but the story of Mocha and Cappuccino is special because these two adorable foals weren’t very likely to survive.

Thankfully they received the best care from the vets at Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The doctor who took over their case said that in 30 years of working as an equine vet, they were the second set of twins who managed to survive.

This was amazing news not only for their owners but for all horse lovers all over the world. They were all very happy and made sure to share the beautiful news in different horse forums. The vets have checked them frequently and say that even though they have gone through some health problems in the early stage of their life now the foals are in excellent condition.

As you can see in the video below, they are running around and look very happy.

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