Tied to a pole with a note, an old blind dog sat on concrete in the hot sun.

Old Blind Dog Sat On Concrete In Hot Sun, Tied To A Pole With A Note | I Love My Dog So Much

Richmond Animal Care and Control Officer Boone responded to a call about a dog that had been chained to a pole and abandoned.

When the officer arrived, he discovered an elderly Schnauzer-Poodle mix leashed to a pole on a scorching Virginia street corner with no food or water.

As he approached, he discovered a letter scrawled on a small piece of cardboard that was tied to his leash.

“My name is Oreo,” the note said. I’m over the age of ten. I suffer from anxiousness. My proprietor passed away. I’m fantastic. “I require a residence.”

The senior dog was blind and deaf, and he was terrified and perplexed.

He was taken into RACC’s care right away for a medical evaluation. Oreo was naturally terrified, but as they continued to hold him, he began to relax and feel more at ease.

He was in good health, save from losing his vision and hearing. It was now time to locate this old dog a place to live out his days. Fortunately, it didn’t take long!

Oreo drew the attention of a woman in Fredericksburg who wanted to welcome him into her household.

Oreo now has a new doggy brother to play with and five acres to run around on. His elderly years will be the most enjoyable of his life!

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