Sweet Kitten With Two Legs Happily Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Loving Home

Sweet Kitten With Two Legs Happily Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Loving Home

Some individuals may have chosen to euthanize the kitten after she was transported to the vet with two twisted front legs. In this occasion, however, the surgeon opted to save her life and performed surgery that necessitated the amputation of her two tiny front legs.
According to an Instagram post by the person who ended up adopting her, they believe the young kitty was attempting to keep warm near a car engine when the accident occurred:
The brave feline recovered quickly and was soon placed in a new foster home. She was given the nickname Duck because she walked like one. Duck has not slowed down as a result of walking on two legs, nor has it made her sad.

“I brought her in (as a foster) and she transitioned to her new life fast,” Duck’s human stated. It didn’t take her long to adjust and begin walking around the house independently.”

Duck is a joyful kitten who, like other kittens, offers joy to everyone. She spends her time playing like any other cat, but in a unique way. She also has three dogs, a cat, and some hens, none of which seem to be aware of her handicap.

Her mother tried to buy her a harness and a wheelchair because she thought it would make things easier for her, but Duck likes to freewheel around life, enjoying it on her own terms.

Duck has been through a lot despite being just 6 months old, but she doesn’t let it get to her. Even in the worst-case scenario, she never quit fighting, which we think makes her a truly remarkable feline.

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Image: IG|purrasicduck

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