The Indian Giant Squirrel Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real.

The Indian giant squirrel is huge and absolutely stunning.

In 2006,squirrel expert John Koprowsk visited India and first saw a Malabar giant squirrel. They also known as an Indian giant squirrel and he couldn’t believe his eyes.


He thought that the animal looked too big to be a squirrel – more like a primate. However, this giant animal was no primate – just a very, very large squirrel.They are two times the size of an eastern grey squirrel and bodies that span 36 inches from head to tail.

Source: Mercury1/Imgur

Not only is the Malabar giant squirrel impressively large, but they have beautifully colored fur as well.It can be black, brown and orange,as well as maroon and purple. The maroon and purple shades, in particular, are unusual in mammals.  The bright colors and beautiful patterns aren’t just pretty to look at, but it also helps them survive in the wild.

Wikipedia says that their food includes fruits, flowers, nuts and tree bark.  There are some omnivorous subspecies that eat bug larvae and bird eggs as well!

In the Malabar forest canopy, Malabar giant squirrels avoid the ground, leaping and hopping from tree to tree,sometimes with leaps of more than 20 feet !

Even if they aren’t now at risk of extinction, these beautiful creatures must nonetheless be preserved.

The likelihood of encountering one of these animals in the wild is quite remote.

Traveling to eastern or southern India would not only entail extensive travel, but it would also entail extensive trips deep into the Indian jungles.

Thankfully, these gorgeous critters aren’t currently in danger of extinction, but they’ll need to be protected. If more awareness and protection are brought about for this species, then they can thrive in the future.






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