Was Brooklyn Supreme the Largest Horse on the Planet ?

Whenever I think about the world’s largest horses, Brooklyn Supreme immediately pops into my mind. While not the tallest horse in the world, Brooklyn Supreme impressed with its enormous overall size. He was a Belgian Draft of incredible strength and prowess, and to make things even better, he was incredibly gentle and easy to work with.

On April 12, 1928, a special foal was born on the Earle Brown farm near Minneapolis, Minnesota that would become a worldwide sensation of his time.

Brooklyn Supreme, as his name suggests, rose to fame due to his monumental size. While he might’ve seemed intimidating to those who met him in person, the mighty beast was gentle in spirit.

Brooklyn Supreme was a purebred Belgian Draft stallion with above-average measurements. Affectionately called “Brookie”, he was a beautiful red roan color with a flaxen mane and tail.

The magnificent stallion lived an average lifespan of 20 years, passing away on September 6, 1948. While there are debates surrounding the topic, some people consider him the largest horse ever lived.

The Largest Horse Of His Time
Brooklyn Supreme was undoubtedly the largest horse of his era. His height of 19.2 hands was already impressive, while his weight was a staggering 3,200 pounds (nearly a ton and a half)!

Naturally, Brooklyn Supreme’s presence never went unnoticed. The mighty stallion turned heads and attracted fans wherever he went, and people even paid to view the giant celebrity.

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