The Horse’s Soul Revealed Through The Horse’s Eyes.

Despite their stoic nature, horses are deeply soulful animals, and if you’ve spent enough time with them, you know how much can be seen in their extraordinarily beautiful eyes.

Probably you have all heard the famous saying about the eyes that they are the reflection of the soul and I personally believe that it is true.It is the only facial feature from where you can base your first impression on the person in front of view unless you have had a conversation with him/her.

However, some speculations prove that this might be true for the animals as well.  Some animal researchers believe that herd animals such as horses adopt a seemingly emotionless appearance so that their pain and potential weakness will be less easy for predators to spot, but we also know that these gentle giants feel very deeply.

Having the main focus horses, let’s base what these researchers say on our personal experiences. What is the main feeling that you get when you are close to a horse ?  It is believed that the way that horses make you feel says a lot about what they are.

Can you tell by the horse’s eye how it really is? I will share with you my thoughts and I would like you to let me know yours. Whenever I am close to a horse, at least in the majority of the cases, what I get by looking into its eyes are kindness, positivity, joy, and happiness. I hope you have the same experience.

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