With the huge number of endangered animals who are nearly disappearing, there are some kind and safe places for these animals where people leaned hov live with them. They have created a special bond with love care and respect. The animals know there will always be people beside them who are willing to help them. It’s the story of the drowning giraffe in Kenya.

A young giraffe from Kenya became caught in the middle of the Uaso Nyiro River for unidentified reasons. The flowing river is also teeming with crocodiles, as if the hapless creature’s struggle against the strong currents wasn’t difficult enough already. The young child’s fate therefore appeared to be set. However, the assistance came from the least expected place.

Locals and wildlife rangers heard the frightened giraffe and hurried to aid her. After a couple of hours, the animal was spared thanks to the bravery and goodness of these gentlemen. Thankfully, one of these kind individuals posted some pictures of the rescue online for everyone to appreciate.

“Marvelous rescue mission, congrats great friend of samburu wildlife Mr Baba Sue and team,” one person said. Another person then said, “Wow! What a brave and passionate display of our priceless natural heritage. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently labeled three giraffe species endangered. They include the Masai giraffe. They are a subspecies that wander the regions of Kenya and Tanzania, and in the last thirty years, their numbers have decreased to only 35,000 remaining in the wild.

The pictures of this emotional rescue were shared on social media and made everyone be proud of the string and brave rescue team!

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