Rare Filly Takes Her First Steps Outside With Her Caring Mom.

As you probably already know, there are many different color patterns that a horse can be born with. Sure, all horses are beautiful, but there are certain patterns that are considered to be extremely rare.

From time to time we decide to show you different videos that demonstrate how protective mares are when it comes to their little beloved babies. It is always a really heartfelt moment and a unique feeling to observe the most important love there is in the world: the genuine love that a mother has for her child.

Today we have decided to show an interesting video featuring a very beautiful filly named Coconut. Coconut is an amazing and rare filly, and in the video shown below, you are about to witness the first time that the foal is going out in nature.

The Medicine Hat filly was just two days old when this video was recorded. Everyone was astounded by her appearance because she has brown ears and very unique markings. Along with her mother, she is experiencing a beautiful moment and they both look very happy.

Coconut is simply unique, and every horse enthusiast would love to own such an incredible filly. She is charming, curious, happy, bright and her mother looks happy for her. She is beside her baby throughout the whole video making sure that Coconut is very comfortable.

It is now recognized from all the equestrians that horses are very protective when it comes to their newborn foals. They don’t let any other horses go near them but that this doesn’t last very long because after a while the mares permit all the foals to play together.

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