Man Spots And Saves Two Homeless Cats Living Out In Snow

Man Spots And Saves Two Homeless Cats Living Out In Snow

Chris was preparing the driveway when he noticed a cat outside in -20°F temperatures. The cat was not alone because there was a second cat hiding in the woods. He understood he had to act quickly to save the kitties at that point. He didn’t want to leave them outside in these frigid conditions.

He figured out where they were going by following their footprints in the snow. Clarence and Midnight, two cats, went beneath an abandoned trailer and hid in the insulation to remain warm. Fortunately, they had a nanny named Jean who fed them and provided shelter.

The two devised a strategy for Jean to capture the cats. Jean called Chris on New Year’s Day to say that she had truly trapped Clarence and that she was coming to drop him off right immediately.
“Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring him inside our house because our cats would go insane.” So we made him a beautiful, warm, pleasant space in the garage. “It was only a matter of time until I could locate him a foster home.”

Clarence made a lot of noise, but he was a genuinely nice guy. Later that day, Jean was successful in capturing Midnight, the black cat. The two cats were taken to the clinic for a checkup and a microchip scan to ensure that they were not owned by anyone.

A woman fell in love with the two cats after seeing their pictures on the internet. She contacted the rescue and expressed interest in adopting them. It’s wonderful to learn they were adopted together.

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