This man is working hard to show how sweet pitties are.

Pit bulls are frequently mischaracterized as “dangerous” canines.

These dogs may be tremendously devoted and caring, yet they frequently suffer from careless owners.

One guy has made it his mission to rewrite history by saving as many pit bulls as he can.

His ambitious proposal entails constructing a 46-acre refuge that is unique in its focus entirely on these dogs.

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Jason Flatt, a resident of Paulding County, Georgia, is the man behind this mission.

He is aware of how many pit bulls are in need of homes.
Due to the unfavorable stigma attached to these dogs, adoption rates are low, which leads to a high number of pit bulls being left in shelters.

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However, Flatt is not one to turn a blind eye to these abandoned dogs.

He is committed to doing everything in his power to help pit bulls that are stuck on what he refers to as “doggy death row”.

His actions are significantly improving the life of these pets.

“Everyone assumes these dogs are like these monsters that kill babies,”
“Pit bulls are a serious issue in every major metropolis. They fill every pound, and there aren’t enough rescuers to accept them, Flatt told WSB-TV.

Pit bulls who have been saved are currently housed in kennels in his home, but he has bigger plans in the works.

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Many of the pit bulls Flatt has rescued have suffered some form of trauma.
Despite their pasts, Flatt is solely focused on providing them with a safe and loving environment.

“Every one of them has a story. The stories don’t matter. It’s the endings that we look to change,” Flatt said.

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In the next years, Flatt intends to construct a safe haven for these dogs because his home is currently at capacity.

The majority of the pit bulls he saves have never known love.
They get round-the-clock care from Flatt and his team of volunteers, who also offer them affection and give them a reason to live.

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The facility he’s planning to build will be a state-of-the-art sanctuary, the first of its kind dedicated to pit bulls.

It will be completed in three years and will have all the amenities a pit bull could dream of.

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Each dog will have a 40-ft area that’s equally divided into grass and concrete sections.

The dogs will have a range of possibilities because their space will also be both open and partially closed.
A doggy pool, a play area indoors, and a vet facility are other amenities at the sanctuary.

Flatt will put out great effort to place these pets in new homes.

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Those who are not adopted will have the option of spending the rest of their life with him.

More people like Jason Flatt, who has devoted his life to assisting these helpless canines that are sometimes shunned by society, are needed in this world.

Learn more about his rescue project in the video below!



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