Pair Of Identical Twin Shire Horse Foals Born.

Twin foals are rare, but identical twins are even rarer, meet the mare Penlan Ceri Rose, she was scanned and only showed one foal so it was a real shock when they found she was carrying two foals. The foals named Penbryn Celtic Lucky Lass and Penbryn Celtic Lucky Lady, were both born healthy and happy, while Penlan Ceri Rose is proving herself to be a fantastic mother.

The shire horse of the year and father of the foals is Ddrydwy Ploughman, seen below.

We look forward to seeing these two stunning foals grow up, am sure they will develop to fantastic shire horse specimens like their sire and dam.

Tom the Shire Horse at Equitana


North Wales Shire Open Day’s dressage to music


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