Heartwarming story ; the horse ran for five miles behind the ambulance carrying the sick sister.

The horse continued to follow the ambulance until it arrived at the hospital where the sister was waiting. Such instances of human love exist in abundance and have served as models for people throughout history. Animals are said to experience emotions on par with people. Watching this popular social media video of a horse running behind an ambulance that is moving quickly can give you an idea of this. When they saw this on the road, everyone was in awe. Nobody could comprehend why the horse was chasing the ambulance. These days, this video is going viral and is still being talked about.

watch video here.

Those who believe that animals lack comprehension and emotional attachment ought to watch this video. The story of Udaipur is being told in this trending video. A sick mare was reportedly being transported by ambulance to the animal hospital for treatment. Five miles later, the horse chasing the ambulance for his sister had arrived at the hospital.

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