Pregnant horse saved from slaughterhouse sees baby for first time.

It’s always sad to hear about an animal in dire circumstances. But thankfully, there are many kind people and organizations in the world helping to save these animals. Crossfire Equine Rescue is one of these organizations.

Fancy was not just nearly denied the option to be a mother, yet additionally the option to live.

The pregnant mare was to be killed and turned into food at the slaughterhouse.

Fortunately, Crossfire Equine Rescue stepped in to rescue the situation.


Fancy was rescued and taken to their Texas ranch. Fancy was terrified of Annie Shurtleff and her staff at Crossfire Equine Rescue, despite their best intentions for the animal.

After enduring abuse and the slaughterhouse auction, where she was nearly put to death, poor Fancy became terrified of humans. Nevertheless, the staff was determined to earn Fancy’s trust.


To let Fancy know that they were safe, these people would go out of their way to spend time with her.

They would go so far as to sleep with her in the barn.
Fancy quickly realized that these were genuine, helpful, and dedicated individuals who wanted to assist her.

They were able to be more affectionate with Fancy and provide her with the necessary love and care once they were able to get closer to her.

A video on the rescue’s YouTube page says, “Fancy now gets all four feet done, takes baths, gets groomed, and loves kisses.”
They also contributed to her birth preparations. When she arrived, Fancy was about 300 days pregnant. Deep Hollow Ranch claims that a horse typically becomes pregnant after approximately 11 months.


Fancy’s birth went off without a hitch thanks to the staff’s efforts to make her feel at ease.

Fancy naturally had a healthy Palomino filly without any problems.
Without Crossfire Equine Rescue’s hard work and care, that horse never would have been born. She is Fancy’s miraculous child.

Fancy and her infant were eventually adopted into homes where they would be cared for, loved, and safe for the rest of their lives.

“I’m so happy that Fancy has finally returned to her home; it’s still hard to believe that she has been adopted! I still want to cry because our infant daughter has found a wonderful partner and a new life! So pleased and proud of her! On their Facebook page, Crossfire Equine Rescue posted a message.


She has come a long way from being a scared, untouchable horse. I realize Lisa will take her to the following section in her life and that is precisely where she should be. Much obliged to you Lisa Adams you merited the stand by!”

Fancy’s story ended up going viral.


Fancy’s response to her ‘miracle baby’ is so beautiful.

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