Goose Finds Police Officers And Leads Them To Her Baby In Trouble

A Frantic Mother Goose Finds Police Officers To Ask Them To Help Her Baby

After the baby bird’s mother came and pecked on the door of their cruiser, asking for help, two Cincinnati police officers rescued a gosling.

According to WKRC, Sgt. James Givens and Spc. Cecilia Charron were parked near to a creek when the mother geese approached their vehicle.

The goose was pecking at the door nonstop. She then turned around and walked away, looking back as though begging the officers to pursue her. Officer Givens pursued her and discovered one of her children tangled in balloon string.

The officers contacted the local humane organization for assistance, but when they were unable to come out, they decided to take matters into their own hands. As the baby’s worried mother watched, Charron was able to liberate it.

Givens recorded their unique rescue, which has since gone viral.

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