Cute Cat Attempts to Keep Human From Sitting In Her Favorite Chair

Cute Cat Tries To Prevent Her Human From Sitting On Her Beloved Chair

Because cats have no notion of personal space, there is no such thing as privacy when living with one. They may value and preserve their own space, yet they are unconcerned about others’ personal space. Your cat demands your attention, love, and most importantly, your space, from stretching out over your laptop to sitting in your chair and bed. Every inch of space is THEIR area, and they will make every effort to remind us of this.

yoshi___ben , a Twitter user, recently uploaded a couple photos of her cat attempting to keep her from sitting in her chair. The cat’s expression is so adorable and amusing that it has absolutely taken over the internet. On Twitter, the post has received more than 50.000 shares and 200.000 likes.

Yoshitsune, a 5-year-old feline, is attempting to force her human away from her favorite chair, as shown in the images. The cat does not want her owner to enter her personal space, as evidenced by her funny and adorable expression!

She pushes her owner away and reclaims the chair with her front legs. Her owner, on the other hand, refuses to move no matter how hard she tries. She then makes an angry face as if she’s yelling, “What are you sitting on?” “Get moving!”

Her owner is gently pushed away from her chair by the cat.

What are you sitting on? Move!”

“What are you staring at?”

You have no right to disrespect a cat’s personal space!

Yoshitsune, when she couldn’t get her favorite chair back.

Finally, Yoshitsune can relax and enjoy her chair.

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