Stray Cat With Injured Leg Turned To Other Cats’ Owner For Help

Stray Cat With Injured Leg Turned To Other Cats’ Owner For Help

Life on the streets is a never-ending battle, and while life on the streets is far more difficult than living in a safe home with a caring owner, few dogs and cats are fortunate enough to be loved and cared for. Maybe that’s why, when this street cat was seriously injured, all he could think about was going to a nearby cat owner and begging for aid.

To get the man’s attention, the ginger tabby limped up to his door and meowed loudly. Thankfully, he met the right person. When the kind-hearted man noticed the cat’s wounded leg, he quickly transported him to a vet clinic for prompt medical attention.

Except for a bone fracture in his left front leg that occurred some weeks ago and has already begun to heal, there was no bone damage identified in the cat’s body, much to the relief of the guy.

This unfortunate kitty apparently got into a battle and was bitten by another cat, and his wound quickly became septic owing to a lack of medical attention. He also had some old wounds that made it difficult for him to walk, and he was covered in fleas and ticks.

The man left the cat there and returned two days later to pick him up in order to take care of the unfortunate youngster personally.

“We kept him on antibiotics and gave him intramuscular shots twice a day for five days,” he explained. “He couldn’t put any weight on his left back leg at first.” I used antiseptics three times a day to clean the wound. He washed the wound 30 times a day with his tongue.”

Fortunately, his efforts were rewarded. The orange kitty began to run around gleefully like a normal cat after five days of living under plenty of love and care! He was able to spend time with other cats in the caring man’s lovely garden and even made some new acquaintances. He hadn’t fully healed yet, but he was lot more comfortable.

Watch the whole rescue here:

The active boy was already strong enough to chase girls after a month and a half! Take a look at how delighted he was:

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