A Lioness Was Filmed While Protecting A Wildebeest Calf.

In a short video posted on Twitter by Tanzania National Parks, a frail baby wildebeest is walking with a giant lioness across Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. As a result, the feral lioness not only rescued and protected the helpless calf, but also brought it to safety and returned to the herd. This is very unusual behavior, especially if it comes from a fearless predator of the world.

The lioness’ decision to protect the desperate creature instead of hunting it confused everyone. But the only explanation is that her maternal instincts are much stronger than her predatory instincts.

“Wildebeest walking along Lioness in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania,” the video caption reads. “It is possible when the maternal instinct takes the place of the predatory instinct!”



As incredible as it sounds, this isn’t the first time a lion has shown affection for a wildebeest. A few years ago, a lioness was photographed caring for a newborn wildebeest as if it were its own. At the time, parts of the wildlife documentary Surviving the Serengeti garnered millions of views on social media.


Nature is full of majestic sights and creatures such as this lioness and wildebeest calf.

The animal kingdom often offers some very strange friendships, but these are some of the weirdest wildlife moments I’ve ever seen. In a once-in-a-lifetime moment like this, a lioness is caught on camera, revealing her love for a wildebeest calf, who she would normally have eaten for dinner!


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