Heartwarming. Girl reunited with horse after 4 years apart.

A young girl Bay fell in love with a horse named Spook and even though people didn’t say good things about Spook, Bay saw potential in it.

Here is another heartwarming video, where after being forced to sell her barrel racer four years ago, this girl has no idea that her parents repurchased him, and she’s about to be reunited with her horse.

What do you think? Is a horse capable of remembering its owner? Well, many experts agree that horses do, in fact, remember their owners. Studies performed over the years suggest that horses do remember their owners, similar to how they would remember another horse. Past experiences, memories, and auditory cues provide the horse with information about who an individual is.

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But how is this possible that a horse can recognize or remember its owner? Well, horses possess excellent memories that allow them to remember individuals for long periods, even after physical separation. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a horse will remember every individual they interact with.

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Once formed, the bond between a horse and its beloved human is nearly unbreakable. So a horse who has created a strong bond with its owner is likely to remember them, even if they are separated for long periods of time.

Horses also learn to expect certain behaviors and routines. When a horse becomes emotionally attached to its owner, it will likely recognize when its regular routines are disrupted. They will realize when you do not show up each day, and they will start to miss you.

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Often, this directly impacts their mood, willingness to eat, and the ability to engage in activities. As soon as you return, your horse bounces back to its regular routine, and this is a sure sign that they are glad you are back.


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