A Goose Warms A Stray Puppy Under Its Wings To Protect Him From The Cold

Empathy is a human quality that enables us to comprehend the suffering experienced by others and inspires us to take care of them. Nevertheless, despite our capacity for empathy, far too frequently, people simply close their eyes and decide not to help.
Animals have the same capacity for empathy as do humans. They are empathetic toward one another as well as toward humans and even other animals. They have good intentions and are innocent.

And this goose’s rescue of a puppy from freezing weather is the perfect example of interspecies empathy.
These images of a goose wrapping a shivering puppy with its wings are a good reminder for us to always choose to help others. These pictures show that the goose even petted the puppy with its beak, lulling him to sleep beneath its warm wings.

The dog can be seen napping peacefully beneath the goose’s wings.

The puppy was reportedly abandoned by his mother dog, and he found an unusual buddy in this goose.


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