Mamakwa was having a busy day, doing some tasks around her home in Ontario,Canada. One of her tasks involved driving to the local ash heap to drop off some garbage. Mamakwa saw someone whose day was a bit more laid back. Amid all that disposed-of garbage, this guy had found a treasure.

Mamakwa saw a random bear emerge from the nearby bush as she pulled into the landfill. He had obviously come looking for a comfortable place to relax, which he had easily discovered. Unexpectedly, another guest had just thrown out a perfectly nice mattress.

The bear wasn’t going to squander it, either.

The bear nestled in, unconcerned with anything, while Mamakwa watched in awe.

The bear was taking a “me” day. (And it looks like he needed it.)

Mamakwa told The Dodo, “I thought that was amusing.

Mamakwa’s job at the dump wasn’t over for long; she had to move on to the next task. However, it appears that the bear intended to remain longer.

He was already well on his way to sleeping at that point,brightening Mamakwa’s day in the process.

“It was an exciting thing to see,” she said!

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