Meet Izzy, The Cutest Cat On Instagram Who Always Has A Funny Expression On Her Face

Cats are usually adorable, even when they appear like they’re about to take the world, but the web’s favorite cats, like Izzy, have extraordinarily expressive faces.

Because of her humorous expressions, Izzy the Meowl, as her followers refer to her, has been featured in numerous viral photos. Izzy and Zo are European and British Shorthair mixes. Only Izzy and Zo have black and white fur, despite the fact that the two were born in a litter of five.

Their owner claims that the two have been together since birth.
Despite sharing a similar appearance, they are very different characters. Izzy, the one with the white nose, is more courageous and brave. While Zo, the one with the heart-shaped mark on her breast and a black nose, is more shy but just as curious.

Here are some funny pictures of Izzy.






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