Woman Sets Up Hammock For Playful Mama Bear With Her Three Little Babies.

A mama bear and her two little cubs have been caught on camera enjoying cheerful playtime with a hammock in a woman’s garden.

When Amy noticed a family of bears in her lawn peering through her garden, she was surprised. But then, she started leaving out a few things for the two bear cubs to play with.

Mama Bertha watches with a close eye when her cubs are playing with a ball. Yet, Amy thought of something better that they would like.

She decided to purchase a hammock. She installed it in the yard hoping the bears would come back and have some kind of fun with it.

Naturally, the bears are finding their own ways to put the hammock to good use. For this bear family, it’s a gift that they rightfully deserve.

Whether they are houseguests or “new to the family”, Amy is happy to have them around.


That was so enjoyable so cute watching her play with her cubs!

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