Bull Proves That He Can Be As Good As A Horse At Showjumping.

In showjumping, we are used to seeing horses but the video below proves that there are other animals who can be really good at it as well. This superstar bull was saved from the slaughterhouse is mesmerizing crowds with his showjumping and dressage skills.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

Five-year-old Aston, nicknamed ‘le taureau’, is a very unique animal – capable of doing things previously unbeknown to bullking. Horse trainer Sabine Rouas, from Strasbourg, France, adopted Aston when he was only one – saving him from slaughter. Sabine turned the helpless calf destined to become veal meat into an agile adult bull with a fashionable tuft of curly hair – teaching him alongside jumping horse pal Samy.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

As you can see, Aston has been through a lot in his life but thanks to his trainer who saved his life, now he is enjoying the success of a superstar and I believe he is definitely living his best life. I have already seen some of his performances and they are all great. Below, you will be able to watch only sequences from them however, you can easily find the other performances by searching about him online.


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