What started out as a strange mountain sighting ended up in a heartwarming story.

Some kindhearted people will go out of their way to help an animal in need — even if it’s difficult. One kind woman is the perfect example of this.

She found three dogs while on a hike on a mountain and vowed to help them.

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A woman was hiking with her dog in the Angeles National Forest – a mountain forest in California – when she found three black figures lurking in the woods. The woman heard barks coming from the woods.

So, she decided to go down into the cliff, and when she got to have a closer look, she found three black dogs around the area.

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At that moment, the woman knew that she had to save them but the problem was how.

These Cane Corsos were abandoned by their owners and no one knew exactly how long they had been living there.

Considering the length of time they were living in the forest, trying to fend for themselves, they had lost their trust in humans.

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A lot of people had come and tried to rescue them, but no one prevailed. The dogs would bark the humans away if they tried to approach them. However, this woman believed that rescuing them was not impossible.

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She tried to get Animal Control to help her but it simply did not work.

She didn’t give up, though. For three weeks, she hiked to where the dogs were so she could give them food and water.

Slowly but surely, the dogs began to trust her.

She said she was even almost moved to tears when the dogs started eating straight from the palm of her hand. She just knew she can’t leave the three dogs out there.

Luckily, she also found volunteers to help her out. The first problem to address is how to get all three together.

As she said, after rescuing one, you’d have to be faster and smarter with the next, and you might not catch the third at all.

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After rescuing all three, Veronica and the rest of the rescuers endorsed them to a shelter for training.

When their needs were finally met, the dogs began showing their personalities.

They also started socializing with both humans and dogs so they can be readied for adoption.

The three have shown very significant progress and soon enough, they might actually find their forever homes.

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“They are getting rehab with three rescues.” Veronica told The Dodo, “Now they’re getting to learn how to be dogs and how to play. It’s really exciting and it’s really lovely.”

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It was a tough start for the dogs, but thankfully, through the combined efforts of a community, they were given a second chance to live and thrive.



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