Stunning Arabian Stallions Become Best Friends As Soon As They Meet Each Other.

A lot of animals who have had a very bad first impression of each other have become the best friends forever after. A lot of misinterpretations might be going on at an early phase of a friendship. On the other hand, there are animals who get close to each simply because they feel that the animal in front of them is very friendly.

Epona Domenges/YouTube

This is the moment when they realize that they
might become best friends. Such a story is the story of these amazing Arabian stallions in the video below who didn’t even know anything about the existence of each other, yet they became very close friends. The 4-year-old Gaverni is young and playful, and he wants to have fun with the 12-year-old Vidao who is older than him and gets annoyed. Gaverni is all black, and Vidao is the one with white head and legs.

Epona Domenges/YouTube

It looks scary, and many people would probably
think that this two are going to fight, but this is
what happens when two stallions meet for the first time. If they were fighting they would be biting and tearing at each other aggressively. They simply try to figure out who’s in charge, and in the horse world that is necessary because they live in herds.

Gaverni and Vidao have shown a wonderful and educational display of dominance, and we must say that they know how to settle everything themselves. They are definitely a great example of what a friendship should be like, not only between animals but for humans as well.






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