A Virginia woman passionately enjoys pets. She especially enjoys helping individuals who seem to have no one to turn to or who no one wants to care for any longer.

Shelly Blount adores dogs, as evidenced by the fact that she already has three rescue dogs living in her house. After spotting an internet advertisement for a dog seeking an adoptive home, she decided to expand her current pack by one.

She made plans by calling the shelter after deciding to adopt the puppy online.

She had originally intended to buy the puppy online and bring him home, giving him a second shot at life. Her warmth and sincerity are without dispute.

But when she arrived to the shelter, something even more extraordinary took place. Instead of adopting one rescue dog as originally planned, Bella, Caleb, and Charisma were adopted instead.

Although Shelly had no intention of saving all three canines, something happened during her discussion with the shelter that forced her to intercede and save the lives of more puppies.

She almost had to put down the first dog she tried to save, but another person claimed the animal first. Despite not being able to complete her original plan, Shelly was happy that the pup was saved because that is what she really wanted.

The first dog that she wanted to rescue was almost put down but someone else came before her to take the said dog. The pup was rescued and it was what Shelly wanted although she was not successful in doing what she initially planned to accomplish.

The woman’s heart broke when she learned that a dog was in risk of being put down.
Shelly enquired about his background and current circumstances. She supports giving animals more chances at life since she loves animals, therefore she couldn’t help but worry about the dog.

Shelly immediately drove to the shelter after finishing her phone call, and it took her four hours to get there. She set up the adoption of the dog because she wanted to see Caleb.

When Shelly finally caught a glimpse of Caleb, she instantly felt a need to protect him, but what occurred next was even better.
She learned that two more dogs will also be put down along with Caleb. She could not help but feel sorry for Bella and Charisma when she saw them.

The staff said that there is no cap on the number of dogs that may be adopted by one person when the woman asked them about it without hesitation. She then made the decision to adopt all three of the pets.

The woman asked the staff whether there was a cap on the number of dogs she could adopt without giving it much thought, and they said that there was none. The decision to adopt all three of the dogs was made at that same time.

This made Shelly’s choice even more worthwhile because the dogs were overjoyed to have a new home.

Caleb was “sooo excited,” according to Shelly, “kept blowing kisses from the back seat, and his tail was wagging so fast.” Bella sat in my friend’s lap and did not move at all since she was so happy to be held. My precious little angel Charisma was almost holding me the entire time.

She saved all three dogs from the shelter by adopting them, but she was unable to keep them all at home, so she sought for other pet lovers who were eager to adopt rescue puppies. Bella and Caleb ultimately got new everlasting homes since she fortunately discovered those family.

Charisma, who was left with her, had something special for Shelly.
There was an excellent reason why Charisma was constantly drowsy. They discovered the pup’s pregnancy after taking it to the veterinarian. Shelly is ecstatic by the news that she ended up with more puppies than she anticipated.

Everyone should be more like this female protagonist, Shelley Blount, in this beautiful story that illustrates her love for animals.

A love for animals that shows real compassion, especially for those animals that are less fortunate than others, those looking for a roof to sleep under, a home, and a family that can give them affection.

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