This Is Quimera,The Stunning Cat With ‘Two Faces’

This rare feline, known as a Chimera, has an exotic and unique characteristic – each half of her face is a completely different color, including her eyes!


The right side of Quimera’s face is a beautiful orange hue and her right eye is a striking yellow.

The left half of her face, however, is vastly different.Her fur is a dark black and her eye is a piercing blue.

The split is so distinct that Quimera looks like two cats put into one. Sometimes, two embryos fuse in the womb which creates a living being with two sets of DNA; a chimera.

Chimerism is not all that uncommon in cats, and so it’s likely that Quimera’s mesmerising two-faced look is due to her being a chimera.

Quimera’s unique look has made her quite the internet sensation and she’s amassed over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Below, we’ve collected some of Quimera’s best pictures, so be prepared to be swept away by this unique kitty and her beautiful face:







Well, Quimera, a two-faced cat is all gorgeous in its own way. The gorgeous cat unique appearance will amazingly make you say ‘WOW’.

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