Wonderful Story: Blind Pony Relies On Her Best Friend To Be Her Guiding Light.

We have witnessed a lot of beautiful friendship
between horses but one of the most special friendships in the last few years is the one between Dottie, a blind pony, and Scooter who is the guiding light of Dottie. These two ponies have an incredible bond together and they both come from a difficult past.

After being neglected, they were sent at the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The organization’s staff understood that Dottie and Scooter had been friends previously and decided to let them stay together. Scooter always takes care of Dottie and he makes sure to help her explore the world around her, through Scooter’s eyes.

The OSPCA was trying to find them a home where they could stay together but that was very difficult because adopting a blind pony is a lot of responsibility and requires special care.
Fortunately, Clare Forndran, the media director at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, found about them and their incredible story and so she wanted to grant them a stable home at their sanctuary. The duo landed at Dog Tales and are now living the best life together.

Horses are social animals. They like each other. They like being together.



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