Woman discovers her horses sleeping in the barn and discovers that they are farting and snoring.

Woman Finds Her Horses Sleeping In The Barn, Catches Them Farting And Snoring

Liz Mitten Ryan operates Equinisity Retreats, a 320-acre horse retreat with forests, hills, lakes, and rivers where the horses are free to wander. This horse family is a collection of horses who help people learn about horses and heal whatever ails them.

“They are one family,” Liz says, “and have been born and raised with love and freedom to live as wild horses in their family group while having a deep level of connection and communication with humans.”

The horses in this video have just had a large dinner and are looking to unwind. They lie down in the barn for a nap, like animals do, and the farting and snoring commence!
Liz claims that the horses are kept in a large open barn with 12′ wide front doors that are usually open, which may be a good thing if there’s a lot of farting! Liz explains, “They can come in to relax or go out whenever they want,” but they prefer to hang around together.

I was very happy to see these family of horses relaxing and not caring about anything. “I videotaped it for fun and to illustrate how comfortable and happy these horses are,” Liz explained. Because they are liked and safe, they will lie down and sleep with a barn full of guests.”

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