Friendly Stray Dog Waits Every Day In The Same Place For Someone To Save Him

Howl of a Dog, a Romanian non-profit dedicated to puppy rescue, discovered Remy, a charming stray dog. He has been waiting in the same spot every day for someone with a nice heart to look after him.

The rescuers met him during their spay-neuter campaign in the rural areas of Romania.In rural regions in Romania, dogs are most of the time kept only as guarding or protection “tools” and not as family members.

And old, cruel “traditions” are still alive there, many dogs having their nose burnt with a red-hot iron to boost their immunity system and help cure distemper.

Remy has been left to fend for himself since, despite his friendliness, no one has provided him a home. During their stay, they attempted to find him a home in the region, but no one was willing to take him in. It’s a good thing the rescuers opted to keep him and began looking for a family for him outside of the rural area.

A gentle dog like him deserves a happy home.

Watch his whole story below:

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